Augmented Reality for Real Estate Industry  

INSANE LABS is proud to be one of the very few Indian Companies to build the 3D based interactive Augmented Reality (AR) Applications. Our apps are expected to revolutionize field of print media advertising and completely enhance the perception of a customer's interaction with a print brochure.

Augmented Reality(AR) is all about user experience. When a customer decides to buy a company's product, the customer becomes the premium brand ambassador for the company's product. AR provides critical data points in terms of perception that helps the users gauge more information about the products. With this present technology, sky's the limit for creating a new interactive experiences for the avid users. AR simplifies a company's process, customizing the experience across the Real Estate space,mainly because of the following reasons:

• User engagement through visual interaction
• Clarity on the service/product offering - Ironing out any misconception in the user's mind
• Viral Word of Mouth publicity
• Your customer becomes your Brand Ambassador
• Social Media Awareness- Neo/ Tech Savvy image to your company
• Direct Return on Investment

What if people could see your the whole building/apartment standing out from your retail AD?
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