Innovative Products  

This division of INSANE LABS is composed of and dedicated to insane people who think they can change the way world works today. Hence, the scope of this division is defined by the purest imaginations of the ideator.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do. -Steve Job

We act as catalyst for materializing the ideas with our primary goal to enable business integration and automation. We have the perfect mix of experts in business analytics, electrical, electronics, computer science, biomedical and information technology. They cater to the industrial requirements.

Some of Our Products:
• VIKI - The foot operated Computer Mouse
• Remotely Operated Smart Door Locks
• User Engaging Staircase
• Mouse - PEN
• MultiTouch Surface Solutions
• AR products

Some of our Prototypes/Research in Progress:
• Wireless low cost device control from Android Mobile
• Controlling a robot from Android Mobile or Remote Control
• Controlling a robot from internet
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